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Frequently Asked Questions

What products are used in the workouts?

The Training Room includes workouts for the VITL Kit, Son of the Beast Pro, Resistance 90 Kit, Loop, Toner, Dorbarre, and Fit Stik Pro. You will need one or more of these products to take advantage of the programming.

Do I need a Stroops anchoring system?

Although a Stroops anchor is recommended (such as The Spine, Spine Strap or Foam Door Anchor), you can use cloth anchors to attach to equipment that you already have in your home/facility as an alternative.

Can I cancel any time?

Yes! Canceling is easy and hassle-free.

Where can I learn more about Stroops training?

You can enroll in the Stroops Foundational Course, an eight-hour live certification, to fully master Stroops training and become a Stroops certified trainer.

How often are workouts and exercises released?

New workouts and exercises are released every month in a variety of different fitness disciplines, such as: Full-Body, Lower-Body, Core, Upper-Body, HIIT, Barre, Pilates, Kickboxing & more.

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