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Shon Harker, the creator of Stroops was an NCAA Division I (D-I) football player with the dream of creating a better and more optimized training product for professional and amateur athletes.

In 1993, pairing his masters in engineering with his passion for sports, Shon created his first product a lifting strap. This strap was designed to bypass the user’s grip while lifting free weights or with cable machines. By combining the word “Strap” and “Loops” he named this first product “Stroops”. This was the birth of  Stroops.

Shon began distribution in the United States and presented his product to numerous fitness expos. It was here that he discovered the industry was lacking innovation in many functional training designs. Shon decided to focus his efforts on the safety aspects of resistance band training.

In 1998,  Shon Harker was awarded a patent for the first ever sleeved resistance band, other wise known as  the “Safety Sleeve Elastic”. This safety sleeve elastic is what we now call a “Slastix” Band. This creation consisted of placing a fabric tubular casing around an elastic tube preventing it from being overstretched and protecting the user if the band was ever to wear out and snap.  It was the airbag and seatbelt for elastic resistance training and has since completely revolutionized the fitness world.

This safety focus is the basis for much of Stroops ongoing product development as they continue to innovate and transform fitness products world wide. 


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“We chose Stroops Fitness to partner with due to their high quality, highly functional product line. They have been extremely easy to work with and have made our collaboration highly successful."
-Steve Carver, JumpSport Fitness

“When I work with clients I want to make sure they are using the best equipment which is why I turn to Stroops. I can go to them for any of the equipment I need and know with confidence I am getting the best and most innovative pieces. It’s a no-brainer for anyone in fitness.”
-David Otey, Men's Health Advisor