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Getting Started Guides



Make sure your equipment is set up and working properly so your workouts go smoothly.


Protect yourself, and everyone around you, when using your gear.


Expand your knowledge and learn new ways to use your product.

Get Started With Stroops Products

Get Started With Slastix

Learn how to use your Stroops Slastix! This guide will explain where the term “Slastix” came from, the advantages it has to regular resistance bands, general usage guidelines, and more!

Get Started With the Son of the Beast

Learn how to use your new Stroops Son of the Beast! This guide will teach you how to safely anchor your Son of the Beast, how to establish your training zones, how to stay safe, and more!

stroops athlete holding a son of the beast
stroops coach caysem johnson getting ready to train with the spine

Get Started With the Spine

Learn how to use your new Spine! This guide will go over assembly, safety procedures, basic movements, and more!