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Fit Stik Pro Bar

(2 customer reviews)


The Fit Stik Pro Bar is the ultimate functional training tool. This 39-inch aluminum bar is durable and long-lasting and will aid you in full-body exercise and functional athletic movements like rows and swings. This is the perfect tool to turn up the heat on your resistance training.

Product Details

Weight 1.7 lbs
Dimensions 42 × 1 × 1 in

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Push yourself like a Pro.

The Fit Stik Pro Bar expands on the abilities of the original Fit Stik Bar. The Pro is 39 inches long with dual anti-slip handles. Each end has a built-in ball-bearing swivel eyelet that can spin unobstructed a full 360 degrees to give you free range of motion in your exercise.

Made in the USA, this aluminum bar is built to handle enough weight to challenge you while staying durable. With the Fit Stik Pro Bar, you’ll get the intensity you need to push yourself and train in real-world movements.

stroops coaches working out with the fit stik pro bar
stroops coach aly purdy performing a side lunge with the fit stik pro bar

Endless versatility.

The design of the Fit Stik Pro Bar is best paired with Stroops’ Slastix resistance bands, but that’s not all. The simplistic design and functional anchor points make it a great fit as a cable machine attachment, or with any kind of resistance band.

The longer length of the Fit Stik Pro Bar is geared towards giving you a solution to training for real athletic movements. Make your hockey or baseball swing as explosive as possible, or add more power to your rowing motions.

Combine that with your common fitness exercise, and power up your full body with the Fit Stik Pro Bar.

Looking for training ideas?

Our free Training Room will guide you on your fitness journey with hundreds of videos, from specific exercises to full workouts, led by professional Stroops personal trainers.


2 reviews for Fit Stik Pro Bar

  1. David Handler

    well constructed and fun to use! highly recommended

  2. April

    This bar makes a great addition, especially when you want clients to be able to do traditional barbell exercises, but they don’t have the strength to use 45lbs or the ability to get up and down on a weight bench. Standing barbell chest press, banded squats, and countless other innovative options to challenge coordination and balance!

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