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Natural Movement Kit


The Natural Movement Kit is your ultimate rehab solution. This 10-piece kit includes a Spine Strap and Door Anchor, 4 Slastix resistance bands, 2 Textured Grip Handles, and 2 Cotton Loops. Use this kit to support rehabilitative functional movement workouts in any location without taking up space.

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Natural, Functional Rehab

The Natural Movement Kit is the product of coordination between Stroops and some of the industry leaders in physical therapy. This kit is designed as a low-profile, all-inclusive solution for helping users and and their therapists support functional natural movements. The kit consists of high-quality exercise tools that don’t take up space in your home or clinic.

The Natural Movement Kit comes with 10 pieces, beginning with four 18-inch Slastix resistance bands—two 10-pound bands and two 15-pound bands—which attach to the Spine Strap. The Spine Strap can go on any door in your home, office, or clinic.

Help yourself or your clients accelerate recovery and get back to great health with the Natural Movement Kit.

stroops coach caysem johnson Deluxe Loop Lateral Walk
slastix cutaway 2 square on white

Full-body rehab anywhere

The Natural Movements Kit is a 10-piece kit that, when fully set up, forms a space-conscious, easily constructed, full-body workout station.


  • Spine Strap:
    The Spine Strap is a sturdy, fabric door anchor to set up on any door in your home, office, or clinic. The strap fits from the top of your door to the bottom and offers 7 anchor points to diversify your exercises.
  • Slastix Resistance Bands:
    The Natural Movement Kit includes 4 Slastix resistance bands. Typically, the bands included will be two Very Light resistances (10 pounds) and two Light resistances (15 pounds). These band strengths are the most recommended for functional rehabilitative purposes. Slastix resistance bands are a leader in the industry by using safety sleeve technology for safer use and enhanced durability.
  • Two (2) Textured Grip Handles:
    The Textured Grip Handles are one of two handle options in the Natural Movement Kit so you can customize your experience to what is best for you. These handles are the best handles Stroops offers, with a non-slip grip and a comfortable feel. All your upper-body exercises will feel more comfortable with the Textured Grip Handle.
  • Two (2) Cotton Loops:
    The Cotton Loops serve a dual purpose with the Natural Movement both to give you a softer alternative handle for your exercise, and to give you a secure attachment you can use around your ankle for leg and lower body exercises.


Expand your horizons.

Stroops designed the Natural Movement Kit in conjunction with leading physical therapists in the industry. While it works great for in-house therapy at your clinic, the Kit is most highly recommended as an at-home solution for patients to accelerate their recovery through continuity in-home exercise.

With the Natural Movement Kit, users will be able to replicate any exercise they would do with their physical therapist or trainer. You can even work out your whole body at once by attaching all four Slastix resistance bands to the four total handles, adding resistance to arm and leg movements simultaneously.

Even outside of rehabilitation use, the Natural Movement Kit is perfect for anyone trying to exercise with resistance bands. The Kit features everything you need to get a full-body workout anytime, anywhere.

stroops coach aly purdy performing a Deluxe Loop Squat

Looking for training ideas?

Our free Training Room will guide you on your fitness journey with hundreds of videos, from specific exercises to full workouts, led by professional Stroops personal trainers.



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