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Stroops Black Friday Deals 2023

Stroops Black Friday 2023 event is just around the corner, and we’re ready to get you in the loop on its biggest sale of the year. Our sitewide sale is the perfect time to get more of the Slastix difference in your home or gym.

Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or just embarking on your fitness journey, the Stroops Black Friday 2023 sale promises incredible deals on top-notch equipment across various categories. Get ready to elevate your workouts and achieve your fitness goals with these spotlighted products.

The Stroops Black Friday 2023 sale begins this coming Monday, Nov 20 at midnight. The clock stops on the sale at 11:59 p.m. on Cyber Tuesday night, Nov 28. Discounts drop by %5 on both Monday and Tuesday, so act fast to save the most!

With so many our products getting included, here are some of our top products in every category to get your eyes on as you get ready for the shopping trip of the year.

Stroops small group training outdoors

Black Friday Deals on Resistance Bands

Stroops takes pride in manufacturing the highest-quality resistance bands on the market. Slastix resistance bands, named for their sleeved elastic design, represent the pinnacle of innovation for variable resistance training by protecting both the band and the user simultaneously, leading to a more durable, safer product.

During our Stroops Black Friday 2023 sale, all resistance bands and resistance band training kits are 40% OFF.

Here are some of our top resistance band products to shop for:

1. Slastix Resistance Bands

The greatest resistance bands on the market.

The standard Slastix resistance band design is durable, safe, and ultimately customizable. Built with a strong elastic tubular band encased in a polypropylene safety sleeve with steel carabiner clips on each end, this resistance band offers the ultimate workout experience.

These sleeved resistance bands keep your band protected from damage from abrasions, nicks, cuts, or tears. They prevent damage from over-extension by stopping the band’s stretch with the sleeve. In addition, Slastix resistance bands are designed to keep you safe in the event of a band breaking by restraining a potential whiplike motion from the snapping point.

workout with slastix

Slastix resistance bands are available in five resistance levels, starting from 10 pounds and going up to 30 pounds. The band itself is available in varying lengths from 12 inches up to 20 feet!

2. Loop/Deluxe Loop bands

loop band exercise
Deluxe Loop Squat

Loop bands (often called booty bands) are one of the most popular styles of resistance band you’ll see in the gym. Stroops took that style and improved it to create the Loop, then improved it again for the Deluxe Loop. The Loop is a circular resistance band perfect for exercising on the go. Weighing less than a pound, it’s ultra-portable. Just toss it into any workout or travel bag.


The improvement of Slastix resistance band technology is what really separates the Loop from its counterparts. Say goodbye to uncomfortable tugging and pulling on the skin and hair as the sleeve keeps a barrier between you and the latex.

The Deluxe Loop takes it up a notch, attacking the common problem of loop bands rolling or shifting out of position during exercise. The Deluxe Loop comes with a pair of padded harnesses to attach to your arms or legs to keep the band in place during your workout.

3. Toner

The ultimate versatile resistance training tool. The Stroops Toner band is a Slastix resistance band equipped with a pair of comfortable handles that work for any exercise. Users of the Toner can get a full-body workout at any time, any place.

No anchoring equipment is needed with this band. Just wrap it around any sturdy anchor point you can find inside or outside, or set your line of pull at ground level and anchoring it underfoot.

Anchoring with the Toner
Vitl Spine Strap 500x500 transparent

4. VITL Kit

If you’ve been waiting for a great deal to get the Slastix advantage, now is your time. The all-in-one VITL Kit is your portable gym. Packed with Slastix resistance bands as well as multiple attachments and anchor options, it’s a complete fitness solution in a compact package.

The VITL includes:

  • Four (4) Slastix Resistance Bands
  • One (1) Universal Swivel Belt
  • One (1) Spine Strap
  • Two (2) foot straps
  • Two (2) textured grip handles
  • Two (2) cloth anchors
  • Five (5) agility dots
  • A carrier bag.

With everything included in the VITL, you’ll have the perfect setup to get all-in on training with resistance bands.

Black Friday Deals on Attachments

Stroops’ wide array of resistance band and cable machine attachments can help you unlock new levels of your workout. We’ve modeled our attachments collection to give you a solution for any exercise.

All attachments on the Stroops Black Friday 2023 sale are 40% OFF.

1. Textured Grip Handles

Don’t bog down your workout with the worry of losing grip on your resistance bands or having discomfort as you exercise. Elevate your grip game with these ergonomic handles. The textured surface ensures a secure hold, letting you focus on maximizing your workout.

The Textured Grip Handles are an improvement on the standard handle style you’d normally see on resistance bands. You can ditch the economy-grade plastic for a sturdier grip with the handle’s diamond-textured surface.

The Textured Grip Handle is included as the base handle for the Cuff Performance resistance band set. It is the standard-use training handle by Stroops to give you a better workout experience than all the rest.


Stroops Textured Grip Handle close up
Stroops trainer Melissa doing leg abduction exercise with Foot Strap and Black Slastix

2. Foot Strap

Take your leg workouts to new heights with the Foot Strap. Attach it to resistance bands or cables for dynamic lower body exercises that sculpt and strengthen.

Our Foot Strap is the best you can get due to its versatile design that allows anchoring for multiple parts of the foot. Vary the muscles you can exercise in your lower body by attaching resistance bands from either the front or the back without sacrificing comfort or stability.

The Foot Strap is just one of a few options for lower body attachments that you can use to supplement your workout. You can also try the Ankle Cuff, a more simplistic design that simply wraps around your ankle and provides a single attachment point.


3. Universal Swivel Belt

Unleash the full potential of rotational exercises with the Universal Swivel Belt. It’s your ticket to intensified core workouts and enhanced agility training.

While most resistance training belts confine you to a certain direction, the Universal Swivel Belt allows 360-degree movement while staying attached to the band. No need to reattach the band multiple times or adjust your belt. Train with natural movement and unlock ultimate functional fitness.

Another belt option for Stroops athletes is the Power Pull Belt. The Power Pull Belt is included with some training kits. It has a greater amount of padding, and its attachment point allows from roughly 180 degrees of rotation.


Stroops trainer Aly putting on Universal Swivel Belt
Stroops trainer Michelle smiling and doing Fit Stik Pro workout

4. Fit Stik Pro Bar

Amp up your resistance training with the Fit Stik Pro Bar. This versatile and sturdy 39-inch aluminum training bar is designed for dynamic exercises that engage multiple muscle groups.

The Fit Stik Pro Bar has anti-slip grip and ball-bearing 360-degree swiveling eyelets to attach your resistance bands or cable machine. By using the bar, you can expand your exercise repertoire with more stable exercises for the chest and arms. You can also use the bare to mimic sporting movements such as a baseball swing or rowing.

There is also the standard Fit Stik Bar, a shorter, collapsible training bar that can be attached at both ends.

Black Friday Deals on Battle Ropes

Stroops took the concept of a standard battle rope and made it elastic. The result is a workout tool like no other. Say hello to the Beast and Son of the Beast elastic Battle Ropes.

As part of the Stroops Black Friday 2023 sale, our Battle Ropes are 40% OFF.

1. Son of the Beast

Stroops began its venture into elastic battle ropes with the Beast. With the Son of the Beast Pro Kit, we’ve perfected the ultimate battle rope training device. This set of two 10-foot elastic battle ropes that are compact yet powerful.

Son of the Beast is your portable battle rope solution. Ideal for home workouts or on-the-go training, it’s the epitome of versatility. You can use these for all the traditional battle rope exercises you’ve seen before like waves and rope slams.

In addition, this extra-strong resistance band unlocks a whole world of explosive plyometric training. Just attach yourself to the rope and use the resistance to building explosiveness in your jumping, sprinting, and other full-body movements.

workout with son of the beast
The Son of the Beast Pro Kit includes two (2) sleeved elastic battle ropes, a Power Pull Belt, two industrial-strength carabiner clips, two XL Cloth Anchors, and two Agility Dots.
Stroops Beast rope with white background

2. The Beast

The original. This 20-foot elastic battle rope is great for all forms of exercise, including plyometrics, high-intensity interval training (HIIT), cross-fit, and sports training. The Beast is built with a large, sturdy resistance band encased in our signature safety sleeve and attached to two cloth handles. The handles are strong enough to sustain even the most rigorous exercise.

Use the Beast or the Son of the Beast Pro Kit to unleash your ultimate potential. Both options are available in resistance levels from 77 pounds up to 150 pounds.

Black Friday Deals on Anchoring

Great resistance training needs great, reliable anchoring. Stroops carries the quality, dependable anchoring solutions that will transform any workout space.

All anchoring systems on the Stroops Black Friday 2023 sale are 30% OFF with the exceptions of the Spine (40% OFF), the Movement Optimizer (25% OFF), and the Performance Station (25% OFF).

1. Spine

Simple, yet elegant and infinitely versatile, the Spine resistance band training anchoring system is the staple of your gym. Constructed with top-grade steel, the Spine features up to 13 anchoring points of varying heights to transform any space into a workout haven. Secure your resistance bands for a seamless workout experience that adapts to your needs.

A full-size Spine carries a weight capacity of up to 350 pounds, while the Spine Mini handles up to 150 pounds of force. Full-size Spine systems are made to be either 6 1/2 feet with 13 anchor points or 4 feet with 8 anchor points.

The Spine stays low-profile, taking up virtually no space in your training area.

Stroops trainer Caysem clipping a slastix
spine strap

2. Spine Strap

The Spine Strap is the ultimate training solution to anchor resistance bands in comfort of your own home or anywhere you go. This sturdy anchoring system can attach to any normal-sized door and provide 7 anchor points of varying heights to give you a full workout experience in any room.

The Spine Strap is capable of handling up to 150 pounds of force. It can be the key to elevating your workout and maximizing your training possibilities.

The Spine Strap fits doors up to 85 in. (7 ft 1in.). For taller doors, include a Spine Strap Extension with your purchase to extend the fit for doors up to 9 ft tall.

3. Performance Station

The Performance Station is your complete all-in-one training center. This workout setup features numerous resistance band anchors, plenty of storage, and a sleek design meant to conserve space in your gym, training studio, or rehab center.

The Performance mounts to your wall and carries a weight capacity of up to 350 pounds. You can take advantage of up to eight (8) resistance band anchoring points at varying heights. commence heavier lifting exercises with the barbell-holding J-hook, and have enough space to double up with a partner on the same station.

stroops athlete performing a squat on a performance station

After your workout is finished, your Performance Station will store all your resistance bands, a full-size Olympic barbell, and various other training equipment such as medicine balls and yoga mats.

Black Friday Deals on Cardio

Stroops takes its mission of safety in your training to the cardio space with its line of cardio machines. Our treadmills are uniquely designed for authentic functional cardio workouts.

With the Stroops Black Friday 2023 sale, take a full 25% OFF our cardio products.

Stroops Athlete doing resisted sprints using Optimill, Spine and Slastix

1. Optimill®

Welcome to the ultimate evolution of cardio fitness. The Optimill® is a first-of-its-kind flat motorless treadmill built to give you the most authentic outdoor running experience you can get on a treadmill.

Even with all the technological and electronic advancements of motorized treadmills to simulate your running experience, most treadmills take away a very important aspect of running in that the runner doesn’t have to drive your foot into the ground and push forward. With the Optimill®, you are the motor, creating the rotation of the belt with your own force to get a better workout experience.

This treadmill is the best choice for athletic training as well as effective treatment in physical therapy and muscular rehab.

The Optimill® is constructed with a shock-absorbent slat belt and a low-profile design. You can either walk or light jog on it by holding and pushing against the railings, or you can strap in to the shoulder harness to run at any speed. The Optimill® uses no electronics to function. Just stop when you need to. This incredible treadmill can be set up anywhere and requires no electrical input.

2. Opticurve

The Opticurve is a motorless curved treadmill designed to let you run free without the hassle of electronics or the danger of unsafe treadmills. The Opticurve features a curved running surface ergonomically geared towards your running stride. Each stride you make moves the shock-absorbent slat belt beneath your feet as you feel the authentic experience of running without unnecessary simulations or screens.

With the Opticurve, you’ll have done away with the danger of treadmill accidents caused by independently moving belts and the useless complexity of a tech-laden interface. Opticurve isn’t about properly running a device, it’s just about properly running.

training with the opticurve inside

Other Deals

There are plenty of other deals available on the site as well, including:

Here are some other great products to look out for:

Stroops trainer Caysem doing steppers with Ergo Plyo Boxes

1. Ergo Plyo Boxes

Take your plyometric training to the next level with Ergo Plyo Boxes, now for 25% OFF. Designed for safety and performance, they’re essential for explosive workouts.

The Ergo Plyo Boxes are available individually or as a set. As a set, the boxes fit perfectly in a singular stack to conserve space in your gym or workout studio. Each box is specially designed with a safety-conscious approach. The rounded edges are to keep you from injuring your knees or shins if you fall short of a jump, and the top features an anti-slip surface to give you solid footing on which you can celebrate your successful jump.

2. Dorbarre

When you want to work on yoga, pilates, or any other form of balance training, the Dorbarre makes it possible for your to bring the studio right into your own home. This portable barre system enables barre training on any standard-size door you can attach it to.

The Dorbarre is a one-of-a-kind personal barre system that you can strap onto your door, giving you a setup where you can practice multiple forms of exercise.

The Dorbarre comes fully set up, so all you need to do is put it on your door and get started on a great workout.

Get the Dorbarre for 40% OFF!

Stroops trainer Melissa Doing Plie

Wrapping It Up

Gear up for the fitness event of the year. The Stroops Black Friday 2023 sale is your opportunity to transform your workouts and redefine your fitness journey. Don’t miss out on these exclusive deals that will set the stage for a stronger, fitter you. Get ready to shop, sweat, and conquer your fitness goals with Stroops!


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