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The Stroops Academy

Stroops Academy is an online movement education mecca. Our certification courses, blog posts, and resistance band workouts are here to educate and get people moving. We are on a quest to optimize human movement. Join us.

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Earn CEC’s from NASM and ACE when you become a certified Stroops trainer. Choose between online or live courses.

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Access our library of resistance band workouts and get moving.

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Find up to date information about human movement, resistance band exercises, and events.

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Stroops Training Pillars

Optimizing Movement

Low impact training

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Injury Prevention

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Recent Articles

Smoothie Hack

This simple way to prepare and store smoothies will make for an easy snack or meal at any time.

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Are You Exercising Naked?

Although working out with your clothes off sounds extremely liberating, we are talking about naked TUBING, not naked bodies. Naked tubing is the typical low-end elastic or resistance band you most commonly found in the fitness community.

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