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Fit Stik Pro

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39” Functional Training Bar

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The Fit Stik Pro, when paired with a Slastix, becomes the ultimate functional training tool. Two swiveling eyelets make it perfect for rotational and asymmetrical exercises. The Fit Stik Pro is 39” long, perfect for pressing and rowing exercises using two slastix. Training real-world movements just got easier.


– Length: 39″
– Width: 1″
– Weight: 4 lbs.

1 review for Fit Stik Pro

  1. April

    This bar makes a great addition, especially when you want clients to be able to do traditional barbell exercises, but they don’t have the strength to use 45lbs or the ability to get up and down on a weight bench. Standing barbell chest press, banded squats, and countless other innovative options to challenge coordination and balance!

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