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Performance Rack


Multi-Functional Fitness Weight Rack with low profile and attachments. A one-stop performance center within a small footprint.

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Level up your workouts with the Stroops Performance Rack. Perfect for any setting, this is the ideal rack for getting all of your resistance and power training done in one spot. Its sleek design gives the system a low profile to minimize its footprint while maximizing its use. Equipped with moveable J-Hooks and attachments, you can create the high and low pulley setups you have been looking for. Not only does the performance rack have the strength training capabilities you are looking for but the adaptability you need for training moving forward.

Personal Training Studios, Rehab Clinics, and Performance Centers all found the answer to their training solutions with the introduction of the Stroops Performance Rack.

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Weight 220 lbs
Dimensions 96 × 36 × 16 in


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