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Full Body Resistance Training Suit


  • Medium: 24-36 inch waist
  • Large: 34-48 inch waist

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Product Details

The Python Striker is a resistance band training system you wear while your train. Resistance is placed on your hands and feet to turn normal movements into a workout. The Python Striker is most popular with MMA athletes but can be worn to amplify the intensity of any training.

– Wear while you train
– Full body resistance
– Movement based training


  • Medicine Ball Diameter – 10 inches
  • Length – 2 feet to 4 feet 3 inches

Resistance Chart

  • Very Light - 10lbs. of Resistance
  • Light - 15lbs. of Resistance
  • Medium - 20lbs. of Resistance
  • Heavy - 25 lbs. of Resistance
  • Very Heavy - 30 lbs. of Resistance

Getting Started

1. Put hands and feet into cuffs. (Rings go inside the wrist.)
2. Secure the belt tightly around your waist.
3. Attach Slastix to belt and cuffs. *Long Slastix go on your legs.
4. Get after it.

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