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The Striker is the ultimate resistance band training suit. Turn every arm and leg movement into a workout and build explosive speed and quickness. While perfect for MMA athletics, the Striker will build you up to be faster and stronger in any sport.

Product Details

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 4 in
Belt Size

Medium, Large


Medium – 20 lbs, Heavy – 25 lbs

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All metal fabricated products, such as our anchoring systems and plyo boxes, carry a 5-year frame warranty and a 1-year wear and tear part warranty.
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Unleash your potential.

The Striker is your key to building explosive speed in your arms and legs. We designed it to give constant full-body resistance to your movements while being workable for a full range of motion. The Striker can be worn even during full practices in most sports.

The two 12” and two 14” Slastix resistance bands attach to your limbs from a training belt, and the punch gloves and foot cuffs are designed to optimize comfort and safety while staying secure and in place during your workout. Weighing only three pounds total, the Striker is a lightweight system with a heavy impact.

Optimize your movement with the Striker.

stroops athlete training with striker kit outside

Choose your resistance and belt size.

The Striker comes in two resistance levels and in two sizes related to the belt you prefer.

Resistance Options

20 Pounds – Medium
25 Pounds – Heavy

Belt Options

24-36 inch Waist – Medium
34-48 inch Waist – Large
slastix cutaway 2 square on white

Safety-sleeved is the future.

The key component of our product line at Stroops is our innovative Slastix resistance band. Stroops invented the safety sleeve elastic resistance band to prevent worn down bands from snapping during workouts and harming their users.

In the case of the Striker, those bands are close to and often already touching your body and skin, making safety and durability that much more critical.

Slastix resistance bands are designed with a fabric sleeve around the tubing that contains it in the event of a breakage. The sleeve also protects the band from damaging nicks, cuts, tears, and abrasions that would make your band break faster.

Slastix resistance bands are also designed to prevent hyper-extension of the band, keeping it even more durable. With a 4-1 stretch capacity, you’ll still be able to fully extend your arms and legs without causing unnecessary damage to your band.

Take yourself to the next level.

The Striker is best intended for training for MMA or kickboxing as you develop explosive speed on your punches and kicks. The punch gloves can work on either hand with the anchor point overhand or underhand to vary the resistance point on your punch. The gloves are also a low-profile design that you can fit inside a boxing glove.

The Striker works as well in other sports practices in any situation where you want an extra explosive edge.

stroops athlete training with striker kit inside gym


6 reviews for Striker

  1. Eric Miller

    Awesome product

  2. Dnoel

    Having a lot of with these bands in my shadow boxing routines. The 20 lb resistance is great and already feeling excited to up the resistance soon. Not worried about over-extending. Lot’s of space for control.

  3. Jose Emilio Borrero

    The only issue is that sometimes the clip on bands scratch your skin. But love it for training and all the muscles it activated

  4. Mary Rogers

    These will make your punching and kicking muscles stronger but also helps you focus on your form. Good for anyone practicing MMA or kickboxing.

  5. Ben Cox

    My brother happy with this! Awesome kit for fighting sports. Good quality! Thank you

  6. Parker Stewart

    This It is a great product at a very nice price. I look forward to workouts Thank to the Python Striker. Makes a 30 min workout feel like I get much more out of it. Well Done Stroops!

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