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Snap Proof Resistance Bands
– Safety Sleeve Technology
– Never Over Stretches
– Dual-Handle Design



Product Details

A classic fitness tool just got better. The Slastix® Toner is designed with our sleeved-elastic, or Slastix, technology. The 48 inch, dual handle design makes the Slastix Toner a versatile tool for your workouts and training. It is the perfect balance of simplicity and durability that can go with you everywhere.

– Different Resistances
– High Portability
– Safe & Durable

Resistance Chart

  • Very Light - 10lbs. of Resistance
  • Light - 15lbs. of Resistance
  • Medium - 20lbs. of Resistance
  • Heavy - 25 lbs. of Resistance
  • Very Heavy - 30 lbs. of Resistance

Getting Started

6 reviews for Toner

  1. Jane Wilson

    Oh yes!! Every needs this, especially for quick workouts and if there is no place to attach your stroop. Love this!! Perfect condition and oh so brand new!!!

  2. Taylor Wilson

    My daughter is happy with this and uses it frequently – good for personal fitness.

  3. Thomas Davis

    Works just as described – provided me with some quick alternatives for exercising my arms instead of using dumbbells .
    Will hopefully be ordering the next level up in resistance in a few months.

  4. Dan Hurd

    I keep this in my gym bag and use it weekly. Super good quality.

  5. onejourneythenjudgement (verified owner)

    Toner excellent quality and the material is comfortable. This Toner is so versatile and the training videos are exceptional.
    The Toner I take with me everywhere I especially like using it at my desk and lunchtime. Simple and elegant. Outstanding customer service. Respectfully, OneJourney GA USA

  6. Michelle

    Excellent training alternative. Travels well to basketball tournaments, swim meets, track meets, dance competitions, etc.

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