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Stroops loop leg band.

Choose between the Original Loop and the padded Deluxe edition.

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Product Details

The Slastix® Loop is a versatile tool that you can take anywhere. Use it for mobility, warming up, or to get a full-body workout. It features our Slastix (sleeved-elastic) technology, making it durable and safe. Get a workout in wherever life takes you with the Slastix Loop.

Resistance Chart

  • Very Light - 10lbs. of Resistance
  • Light - 15lbs. of Resistance
  • Medium - 20lbs. of Resistance
  • Heavy - 25 lbs. of Resistance
  • Very Heavy - 30 lbs. of Resistance

Getting Started

2 reviews for Loop

  1. Martha Brooks

    I have a whole set of stroops loops and resistance bands in the physical therapy office I manage. I highly recommend them. They hold up well to abuse and last longer than the traditional, non-covered style of band.

  2. Karen Masters

    I use these to help with stretching and working out my legs.

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