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Dual Clip Resistance Band.
For most applications, we recommend the 36″ Slastix in either light, medium, or heavy.

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Product Details

The Slastix®, or sleeved-elastic, is a staple in Stroops training. This durable resistance band adapts to your training needs. The clips on each end make it easy to use any Stroops attachment for your workouts. Clip the other end to an anchoring point and get moving. The 36” Slastix is the standard length and provides the most training versatility. Resistances vary for all fitness levels. For questions or custom orders call 801-776-3322.

Resistance Chart

  • Very Light - 10lbs. of Resistance
  • Light - 15lbs. of Resistance
  • Medium - 20lbs. of Resistance
  • Heavy - 25 lbs. of Resistance
  • Very Heavy - 30 lbs. of Resistance

Getting Started

5 reviews for Slastix

  1. Brent Goodman

    Oh yes!! Every needs this, especially for quick workouts and if there is no place to attach your stroops. Love this!! Perfect condition and oh so brand new!!!

  2. M. Wetheimer

    My daughter is happy with this and uses it frequently – good for personal fitness.

  3. J. Gorman

    Works just as described – provided me with some quick alternatives for exercising my arms instead of using dumbbells .
    Will hopefully be ordering the next level up in resistance in a few months.

  4. carlos barragan

    Quisiera recibir un catalogo con precios vivo en Bogotà Colombia. Gracias

    • Laura

      Nos complace establecerlo con nuestro distribuidor en Colombia. Serán su mejor opción para obtener precios en vivo sin los costos de envío increíbles. Su correo electrónico es [email protected]

  5. Chellie

    Easy, Fun, Portable and able to get me the workout I need ANYWhere! From a strength workout or agility, these versatile bands give me the right resistance while not having to worry about getting pinched 🙂

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