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Stroops Ultimate Home Resistance Band Workout Roundup

Stroops Ultimate Home Resistance Band Workout Roundup

Hey, fitfam!

Here at Stroops headquarters, we’re huge fans of boutique fitness classes, gyms and studios, but what if you want or need to get a workout in from home? We think our resistance bands are the perfect way to get a great home workout without having to invest in costly, space hogging equipment. Today we’ve rounded up some of our favorite products, workouts and moves so you can exercise at home. Keep reading and click through to explore the Stroops Ultimate Home Resistance Band Workout Roundup!

Stroops Resistance Band Home Workout Products

First, the products. Stroops has created a series of products you can mix and match for any level of fitness or space to get a good workout at home with our resistance bands. We’re going to give you a quick overview of some of these products if they’re new to you, and then ways to use them no matter where you happen to be.

Want a quick overview of all these products?  Watch this video: Stroops Home Gym Essentials

Loop Mini band


The Stroops Slastix Loop is our mini band, perfect to do a variety of moves like squats, clamshells, or lateral walks. We offer a Deluxe version that has padded sections and straps that secure around your legs to keep it in place, or the standard Loop, which is just a no-frills circular band.

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The Toner is Stroops upgraded answer to your run of the mill resistance band with attached handles. Safe, durable, and premium quality, it’s the perfect versatile fitness tool to use to exercise at home or on the go.

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Loop & Toner

Together the Loop and Toner are a versatile, inexpensive, portable combo to get a full body workout in anywhere! Use both resistance bands together to get an effective workout at home.

Check out these workouts using the Loop & Toner: 

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Resistance 90

The Resistance 90 is a portable kit that adds a collapsible bar to a resistance band so you can train barbell-like movements wherever you are.The resistance band that comes with it is similar to the Toner, but the center portion is a fabric strap that you can use wrap around or anchor from objects to work different sets of muscles. 

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Our VITL Kit is one of our favorite full body home workout resistance band solutions. It comes with clip end Slastix resistance bands and attachments so you can do a variety of workouts and moves wherever you are. Add the Foot Straps to do glute kickbacks or resisted bicycle crunches. Swap in the Textured Grip Handles to do curls, flies, raises or pulldowns. Clip on the Universal Swivel Belt to do skaters, resisted side shuffles, or squat jumps. Also included are cloth anchors to clip your Slastix to, so you can wrap those around a sturdy post or railing around your home to leverage the included resistance bands from.


Spine Strap

The Spine Strap cinches around a standard home door so you can change where you attach resistance bands to do different moves without having to have something permanently affixed. It has rings down the center that you can use to attach our clip end Slastix resistance bands to, making it the perfect piece to round out your home gym setup. Together, the VITL Kit and Spine Strap create the ultimate home workout resistance band setup! Use them to create a cost-effective, versatile, easy to set up/take down home gym.

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(New to Stroops and curious as to why all our resistance bands have a fabric outside? In a nutshell: the fabric sleeve keeps you safe! The safety sleeve elastic, or Slastix, prevents the resistance band from breaking and injuring the user. If you want to read more about that, check out our article here: Why Sleeved Resistance Bands)

We hope this roundup helps you find some new product solutions and workout ideas so you can exercise at home with just some resistance bands. Happy Training!