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Bellitron Stand


The weight storage system you have been looking for and built specifically to compliment the Bellitron. The Bellitron Stand comes with a multilevel storage configuration to minimize footprint and maximize ease of use. What good is storage you can’t easily access? Equipped with top stand and arm cutouts to be the perfect spotter for your next workout.


Getting Started

Product Description

Multi-Level Storage and Safety Rack compatible for Bellitron and Stroops equipment. The ideal combination of efficient weight storage and practicality.

The Stand – This lightweight stand backs versatility and a strong build to be a one-stop spot for all of your dumbbell storage needs. The powder coated steel finish gives this piece a clean look to match its efficient setup for plate, dumbbell, and clip storage.

Safety – Need a spotter for your workouts? We got you covered with the Bellitron stand! Equipped with its top surface slip-reduction protection and hand cutouts you finally have the perfect place to lift off and rest your dumbbells after each lift.

Storage – Equipped with four posts on each side, the stand is built to securely manage all of your equipment in one space. There is nothing worse than gym equipment left all over the floor. The stacked storage system keeps your plates and bars in order and easy to access.

Footprint – To get the most out of your space, the footprint of the stand takes up less than 4 square feet of space. This design is to leave you more space for your workouts and less guessing whether this will fit in your space.


  • A single Bellitron weight stand

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