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Tomahawk Sack


Medicine Ball Accessory.
Add more swinging, twisting, and slamming to your training.
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– Rotational Training
– 3 Handle Lengths
– Interchangeable Medicine ball holder

*Medicine ball not included

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Product Details

The Tomahawk Sack is a rotational training tool that builds strength and power in the transverse plane. You can load it with your 10-inch medicine ball of choice. The hand can be adjusted to three different lengths and features a knot at the end to prevent the loss of grip. We recommend using medicine balls intended for slamming. The medicine ball can be removed from the Tomahawk Sack to swap out for a different weight or new medicine ball.


  • Medicine Ball Diameter – 10 inches
  • Length – 2 feet to 4 feet 3 inches

Getting Started

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