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The transformer of free-weight dumbbells. The Bellitron is a multi-functional free weight interchangeable set up to a varied and well-rounded fitness experience. With a top weight of 85 lbs, this is great for all lifters of all levels. Finished with a clean powder coat finish and quick weight change time this is the one-stop equipment for your latest workout. The Bellitron stand is optional (but recommended).


Getting Started

Product Description

Multi-Functional Free Weight Dumbbells with adjustable configuration to meet all of your fitness needs in one piece. Combine all the best pieces of equipment from your gym into a single piece. The Swiss Army knife of fitness.

Grip – The medium knurled steel handles are built not only to last but bring your back to the feel of what a gym is all about. This handle is finished with a powder coat to give this durable piece the clean finish necessary to elevate both look and feel.

Configuration – The Bellitron earned its name through its ability to shapeshift into multiple pieces of equipment in your gym. Dumbbells with differing handle placement, replacing the kettlebells stuffed away in your closet, and barbell for all of your multi-joint movements. This packs that cluttered space into one central space.

– With weight capacities up to 85 lbs, this is a no-brainer for anyone looking to get a good workout in. The quick-change spring collars don’t just let you pack on the weight but give you peace of mind to safely and effectively workout. Whether you are a beginner or advanced exerciser, the Bellitron checks off all the boxes.


  • One Single Bellitron weight system
  • For a pair, purchase 2 units

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