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Vary Lines of Pull with the Foot Strap

by | May 15, 2019 | Optimize Weekly

Meet the Foot Strap

Stroops has created several convenient, unique tools to attach to Slastix so that you can target specific muscle areas and get after your workout. Today we’re focusing on the Foot Strap, which comes in your VITL Kit or in pairs on the website.

Utilizing the Foot Straps

The Foot Strap is the perfect way to add resistance to exercises that are often just done with bodyweight. Just clip Slastix to the rings or the orange strap to perform bicycle crunches, kickbacks, spiderman pushups, mountain climbers, adductions, hops, lunges, and more, against the added challenge resistance provides.

Setup & Connection Points

Slide the orange strap around the sole of your shoe, closing the plastic buckle around your ankle. Adjust the buckle strap to your comfort. There’s two rings to connect to on either side of the foot, as well as utilizing the orange strap around the bottom of the shoe. Use these points to connect Slastix to your Foot Straps and attach the other end to a secure anchor point* to perform your chosen exercises. Using these connection points allows you to work in all planes of movement and do exercises at different lines of pull.

(*Need an anchor? Check out our post about our favorite gym anchors, use one of the Cloth Anchors from your VITL Kit, or consider our Spine Strap, which is perfect for home and travel use.)

Wrap Up

We’re hope using the Foot Straps gives you a comfortable, easy way to add Slastix resistance to your full body or lower body training and allows you to hit a full range of functional movement during your workouts.

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