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A home gym. The ideal situation for easy, accessible, fitness. No driving to the gym or waiting for equipment. A home gym can save you time and ensure consistency in your fitness routine. The problem is, most home gym setups are expensive and are typically a big upfront investment that most people aren’t willing to commit to. However, you can build a home gym with Stroops equipment at a much lower price point than traditional gym equipment. We have broken down our best options for setting up your home gym below.


The ultimate Stroops home gym setup is the VITL Kit combined with our Spine Strap. This combo is for those looking for unlimited exercise and workout options. The VITL Kit has attachments that will work your entire body and the Spine Strap allows you to anchor the VITL Kit to your door. If you are farther along your fitness journey or just want the very best option for your home gym, then the VITL Kit with the Spine Strap is for you.


The Loop and the Toner combo. This option is for the minimalist or someone who is just starting their home gym. These simple tools can be used for total body fitness. The pair is small and lightweight making them easy to store or to pack with you for on the go fitness. PRO TIP: Adding the Spine Strap to this combo allows you to anchor your Toner to a door, giving you additional exercise options.


The swiss army knife home gym essentials, the Resistance 90. This is a hybrid option that is simple, yet provides a lot of workout options. The Resistance 90 comes with a resistance band, an attachable bar that collapses, and a foam Door Anchor. You can use the resistance band alone, or combine it with the bar attachment or door anchor to open up a variety of different movements for your workout routine. And because the bar collapses, it makes the Resistance 90 easy to stow away when you are done using it.

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