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Our Top Gym Anchors

by | Jan 23, 2019 | Optimize Weekly

When building a gym there’s more to it than just finding the best equipment. How are you going to store everything? And what support or anchor system do you purchase for equipment that requires more.

Stroops created permanent and semi portable anchoring systems to not only elevate the look of your gym but allows you to get the most from your equipment.

Benefits of Using Stroops Anchors

Maybe the best reason to add an anchor in with your order is they’re specially made for Slastix. While there are many options available for Slastix training, these anchors provide the most comprehensive way to use the products.

Each anchor is also built to look professional. They will compliment any system in your gym, instead of retracing away from how you would like your space to look.

Of course no gym is alike, so no anchor is alike. Stroops has created a series of anchors because we know you want to create the gym you want, so there is something for anyone.


If you’re looking for something minimal that will suit any space or workout, the Spine is a great option. This is a perfect solution for any home system or gym. The Spine suits for any workout because it provides both high and low anchor points. So no matter what movement you are looking to perform, you are provided with the correct line of pull.

We know one of the biggest complaints with anchoring systems is they take up a large amount of space. Stroops designed the Spine to be incredibly space conscious, so this system won’t interfere with the rest of your space.

Connectus and Revolution

For anyone who doesn’t want a permanent system placed on their wall, Stroops has created two semi portable anchors for personal or group training options. Each system allows you to train six people comfortably in one space. They’re perfect for groups because they build a community between everyone.

Depending on the class you’re training, both products include a specific unique feature. The Revolution includes a 360 degree rotating top to anchor to, so you may incorporate movement around the space. While the Connectus has the added ballet barre to provide access to Barre, Pilates and general fitness classes from just one piece of equipment.

Of course, like any other equipment, you don’t want something taking up space that is not being used. Our favorite feature of each of these systems is once you’re done, just tip them on their side and roll them out of the way.

Performance Station

Our final anchoring system is the Performance Station. This system is the all-in-one Slastix and Barbell training systems. Each Performance Station comes with two J Hooks, so you not only can clip Slastix to them, but you also may mount an olympic barbell. So if you’re looking to have an inclusive system for a variety of training, this is the perfect option.

With the added monkey bar attachment to each station you have the capability to also perform pull-ups from a low or higher location. For those who struggle with pull-ups you may string some Slastix across the J Hooks to lighten the weight.


So no matter what sort of system you need to accomodate your gym, Stroops has created an anchor solution to fit your needs.

Start using Stroops in your training

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