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Hurdle training is an excellent way to training agility and Stroops Hurdles take things up a notch. They are great as a stand-alone agility piece or you can combine them with the Son of the Beast or VITL Kit to add resistance to your drills. When resistance is added to an agility drill, you begin to train for strength and power at the same time. Hurdle training is a great tool for those focused on agility, but what if you don’t train for agility?


You don’t have to do hurdle training to benefit from Stroops Hurdles in your workout. We have designed our hurdles with a whiteboard surface that is great for circuit training. This allows you to write on the hurdles with a dry-erase marker and create signs. The whiteboard surface becomes especially useful in marking off exercises in a circuit for a group class or reminded yourself what your workout is if you are training alone.


Well almost! Stroops Hurdles are designed to be break-resistant. You can step and hop on them and they do not break. When hurdle training, it is inevitable that a hurdle gets stepped or landed on. People get fatigued and equipment sometimes gets ruined. We have designed our hurdles to handle all that you throw at them.

How can the Stroops Hurdles work for you? Throw some hurdle training in your next workout.

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