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Workout of the Week – Episode 04

by | Aug 2, 2017 | Training, Workout of the Week | 0 comments

Welcome to this weeks workout! Each week, Stroops will be bringing you a resistance band workout with a healthy mix of functional training. Go catch up if you missed last weeks workout. If you’re all caught up, lets get into it. For this workout, you will need a the Son of the Beast Pro, Roll Out Ladder and a sturdy anchor. If you don’t have something to anchor to, check out our anchoring options.

The workout

Perform the three exercise in this workout for the prescribed reps, then rest one minute to complete the round. Repeat each round 3-5 times depending on your fitness level. This workout can be tailored to individual fitness levels, trust and listen to your body.

Start training with the Son of the Beast PRO


Lateral Run // 3 runs down and back

Perform the lateral run by moving across the ladder striking each square with both feet as you move. You should be moving fast while staying light on your toes. Remember to use your arms to drive your movement and proper running form. When you Get to the end of the ladder, perform the lateral run back to your starting position, working your agility in both directions.

Push-ups to Bear Crawl // 5 push-ups, 5 crawls

Secure the Power Pull Belt around your waste and clip on to one of the Son of the Beast elastic battle ropes. Start the exercise by performing five push-ups (kneeling push-ups or explosive push-ups can be substituted based on fitness level). Next, bear crawl out to end of your training zone and return to your starting position to complete one rep. If you don’t know what a training zone is, or want to learn more, watch our training zone set up video. When performing this exercise, be sure to bear crawl back, perform the whole movement.

Face Pulls // 15 reps

Unclip your Power Pull Belt from the Son of the Beast. Grab a rope in each hand with a supinated, or thumbs toward you, grip. Perform the exercise by pulling handles up and toward your head. Drive your elbows out, hands back and shoulder blades together. The weight of the ropes may be enough for some individuals, other will use the resistance of the ropes during the exercise.

The Son of the Beast Pro Kit is not your average resistance band. It is a powerful functional training tool. Click the link below to learn more about the Son of the Beast Pro and how you can use it to take your fitness to the next level.

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