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What is Stroops Fit Stik Pro

by | Jul 3, 2019 | Optimize Weekly

The Stroops Fit Stik Pro

The Fit Stik Pro is not your average bar. It’s not a barbell or a bat, although you can mimic motions of both using it. This bar is one tool with a exuberant amount of uses. From asymmetrical to symmetrical training, you are able to train real world movements simply and from the comfort of your own home.

Perfectly Pairs with Slastix

So what is the Fit Stik Pro? it’s a lightweight functional training bar. There are two swiveling eyelets on both sides of the bar to clip your Slastix to. Without the Slasix, this is just a bar. Sure you can do whatever you want with it, but as said in the video above, most of the population is not out to swing swords. But if you’re looking for a great way to train your core without doing a bunch of the typical ab work, then you will want to purchase some Slastix to add on.

Added Ab Work

The Fit Stik Pro will target your abs without the extra crunches. Say for instance you are performing a chest press. By clipping two Slastix, one at each end, then you will carry the load in your upper body and minimal amount anywhere else. However, the moment you use only one Slastix, your core needs to be engaged to fight the bar from pulling you back towards the anchoring point on one side.

Included on the bar are rubberized grips, making your training more comfortable and easier to control. Whether training with a client or yourself, the level of grip needed for exercises is less and the bar should not be slipping out of anyones hand and flying across the room.

Lightweight Design

One of our favorite components of the Fit Stik Pro is the lightweight design. Most functional training bars are clunky and heavy and may not hold up. This is made of aluminum, rather than steel, so by design it is built to be lightweight. Because of its solid one piece construction it should hold up better than most other bars. However if you are looking for something simple to break apart and travel with, the Resistance 90 bar is an excellent alternative.

Perfect Workout Addition

Whether on its own or added to a VITL Kit, the Fit Stik Pro is a great addition to any workout. Especially for those looking to change up what they are doing, and maybe become great at “swinging swords” this is the perfect addition. If you’re ready to take your training to the next level with asymmetrical, symmetrical and barbell like exercises, then check out the Fit Stik Pro.

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