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Stroops Coach:
Steven Richards

Stroops Trainer Steven with Son of the Beast over his shoulder

Steven Richards

My name is Steven Richards. Sports, Health and Fitness have always been an important aspect of my life. Born in Wisconsin, the mountains called and I answered. I currently work for The Sports Academy and iFit in Logan Utah. I believe fitness and working out should be enjoyed, even if that sometimes means enjoying the pain of change. I am a strong believer in balance between working out and eating healthy, but also having fun and enjoying yourself. Whatever your path in life, push yourself to achieve your highest potential, and make sure you enjoy yourself along the journey!

Meet Steven

Q: What motivates you to stay fit?

Living a long healthy life and not being limited by my health or fitness


Q: What is your favorite type of workout?



Q: What is your best piece of fitness advice?

Progress comes not in a day, but it comes day by day.


Q: Why do you use Stroops?

I use Stroops because the equipment is all encompassing. It is easy to get a full body workout with only one piece of equipement and as you add more, the possibilities are endless.


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