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Stroops Coach:
Aly Purdy

Stroops trainer Aly featured image

Aly Purdy

Aly received her first personal trainer certification nearly 20 years ago and has been training consistently for the past 10 years. She is a former group fitness director and currently runs her own in person and online training program called Arete Fitness. She is passionate about helping people become strong, healthy and the best version of themselves. Aly runs her own programming in Davis County Utah and creates programs for Stroops in Research and Development. She is working to help other trainers run similar successful programs and help their clients achieve their best self. Her message is simple but powerful: Excellence in oneself!

Meet Aly

Q: What motivates you to stay fit?

I really believe that this question evolves with time. When I was in my teenage years I was motivated through sports. In my 20’s my motivation was to compete in bikini competitions and also study to receive my first personal certification. My 30’s, my motivation was inspired to be fit and healthy through my three pregnancies. Now that I am in my 40’s I try to help motivate my children to pursue fitness in their lives. I also do it for myself…. That might sound selfish, but I do it because I love it and I want to be the best version of myself.


Q: What is your favorite type of workout?

Oh, that is a tough one. My clients would probably say that I love High Intensity functional workouts. Workouts that will really make you exhausted and sweaty. I do however love ALL types of workouts. I will always love running.


Q: What is your best piece of fitness advice?

Be consistent. Find a reason to move, then find a workout that you love. Its much easier to workout when you enjoy what you do.


Q: Why do you use Stroops?

I use Stroops because I love the versatility of the equipment. I can change the type of training style simply by using a different product. It is so fun building new programs to teach my clients, and Stroops allows me to do that. Each time a new product comes out, its my new favorite. It makes my job as a trainer creative and new.


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