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10 Agility Ladder Exercises to Get Quicker and More Agile

An agility ladder is a versatile training tool that can be used to improve speed, agility, coordination, and overall athleticism. Many athletes use ladders as agility training to prepare sports such as football, basketball, and soccer. But once you have the ladder out, how do you use it? How do agility ladder exercises work?

Ultimately, the goal of every exercise you do with an agility ladder is to improve your agility, quickness, and movement speed. If you don’t already have one, here’s what to consider when getting one.

Here are 10 exercises to get you started, along with basic instructions on how to do each movement and what this exercise will best help you with:

Woman training with agility ladder

1. Basic Ladder Run:


– Stand at one end of the ladder.
– Step into each box with one foot, then the other, moving down the ladder quickly.
– Focus on quick feet and maintaining a steady rhythm.

Good for: general fitness training, all sports


2. Lateral Shuffle:

– Stand facing the ladder.
– Shuffle sideways down the ladder, placing one foot in each box.
– Keep your hips low and maintain a quick pace.

Good for: basketball, football


3. In-and-Out:


– Stand at one end of the ladder.
– Step into the first box with both feet, then quickly step out to the sides, placing each foot outside the ladder.
– Repeat the in-and-out motion as you move down the ladder.

Good for: soccer, football


4. “Ickey” Shuffle:


– Stand facing the ladder.
– Step into the first box with your right foot, then quickly cross your left foot over your right foot and step into the next box.
– Alternate the footwork pattern as you move down the ladder.

Good for: soccer

Stroops athlete using the Roll Out Ladder to workout

5. High-Knee Drill:


– Stand at one end of the ladder.
– Run through the ladder, lifting your knees high with each step.
– Focus on driving your arms and maintaining a quick tempo.

Good for: general fitness and flexibility


6. Single-Leg Hop:


– Stand on one leg at the starting point of the ladder.
– Hop forward, placing your foot inside each box.
– Maintain balance and control throughout the exercise.

Good for: general fitness


7. Jumping Jacks:


– Stand facing the ladder.
– Jump with both feet into each box, spreading your legs apart like a jumping jack.
– Continue moving down the ladder, performing the jumping jack motion.

Good for: general fitness

8. Quick Feet Drill:


– Stand at one end of the ladder.
– Rapidly alternate your feet, stepping in and out of each box.
– Focus on speed and maintaining a consistent rhythm.

Good for: football, soccer, basketball


9. Zigzag Drill:


– Set the ladder on an angle or curve.
– Move laterally through the ladder, stepping in and out of each box in a zigzag pattern.
– Focus on quick changes of direction and lateral movement.

Good for: all sports


10. Backwards Run:


– Face away from the ladder.
– Run backward through the ladder, quickly stepping into each box.
– Maintain an upright posture and focus on keeping a steady pace.

Good for: football, basketball

Remember to warm up before performing these exercises, including stretching so you don’t tense up your leg muscles or risk cramping. 

Start with a slower pace if you’re new to agility ladder training. Gradually increase your speed and intensity as you become more comfortable. Incorporating these 10 agility ladder exercises into your training routine will help enhance your speed, agility, and overall athletic performance. Get to work!

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