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Obstacle Course Training with Stroops

by | Jun 19, 2019 | Optimize Weekly

Training for an Obstacle Course Race

Have you signed up for an obstacle course race this summer? Here’s some moves to mix into your training to get prepared to face the challenges ahead of you. Today we’re serving up a variety of options that will challenge your conditioning, endurance, and grip strength. Don’t have a full gym at your disposal? No problem! Pack up your Son of the Beast Pro kit, and head out to a local park or backyard to get after it.

The Moves:

Pull Ups

The pull up is a classic, full body exercise. If you can’t preform a strict pull up, see our Assisted Pull Up with a resistance band guide here. Alternatively, if you’re at a park or have access to monkey bars you’re using to do or practice pull ups, take advantage and do dead hangs, either for rounds or for time, and using monkey bars to traverse. Both moves will help train your grip strength, while monkey bars are also a common addition to obstacle courses.

Suitcase Carries

Many races require you to carry, drag or run with a weighted object, and doing a suitcase carry will help you prepare. Here we’re practicing with a pair of dumbbells, but you can use kettlebells or whatever heavy stuff you have lying around your house. (We’ve seen home workouts utilizing oversized jugs of laundry detergent or gallons of milk!) Make sure to stabilize with your abs and support your back while you’re doing this, and make sure that you’re training with a weight that is heavy enough to be challenging but not so heavy that you cause yourself injury.

Army Crawl with Beast

Next, using the Power Pull Belt and a single Beast rope from your Son of the Beast kit anchored at a low point, we’re going to do army crawls, so you can slide under any barbed wire strung across your path. Using the Beast will also help simulate the resistance you’re likely to encounter on a muddy obstacle course. Stay low to the ground, using your forearms and the inside arch of your feet for leverage, crawling away from your anchor point against the resistance.

Burpees with Beast

Next, as many of you know, if you can’t complete a challenge, you may have to complete a round of penalty burpees, so it’s a good idea to practice them to crank out if needed on the day of your race. In addition, they’re a great full body exercise to mix into your training. First, strap on your Power Pull Belt, and attach your Son of the Beast rope to a low anchor point. Face away from your anchor point to perform your burpee. For an added challenge, you can preform a traveling burpee, where you start closer to your anchor point and jump further away against the resistance with each successive burpee.

Resisted Sprint with Beast

This move is going to simulate the start and stop running common to obstacle course races, as well as a way to practice running against resistance if you don’t have a hill to run on or a treadmill to crank the incline up on. Keeping your Power Pull Belt on, move your Beast to a waist or hip height mid anchor point, running away from the anchor to add challenging resistance to your sprint.
We hope adding these moves to your training will  help you crush all the obstacles in your path with ease. Happy training!

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