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Lateral In & Out

by | Mar 9, 2018 | Performance | 0 comments

For this week’s performance work we’re focusing on some agility drill. So if you are working with an athlete and they are looking to improve upon their agility and balance try this out.

All you will need for this simple but effective move is a VITL Kit and a Roll Out Ladder.

The Drill

Have your client situate into the Swivel Belt and then attach two Slastix with the handle on the other end. As the trainer or coach, you will move in various directions so there is a change of line of pull and it becomes more of a challenge on your athlete’s balance.

This move is especially great if your athlete needs to have a quick change of direction or maneuver around someone.

Pro Tip: Don’t max out the Slastix as you are pulling against your client throughout the change of directions.


If you loved this drill, or there was something else you would love to see in performance be sure to leave a comment below!

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