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Alternative to Sled Drags

by | Dec 26, 2018 | Optimize Weekly

Alternative to Sled Drag

Want to do sled drags but don’t have the equipment or space? Use the Son of the Beast Pro kit to reap the same benefits. 

Why use a weighted sled in the first place?

You can use a sled to do a series of strength building and conditioning exercises. They’re a killer multipurpose tool for building legs, but they don’t require the same amount of coordination and training some traditional lifts do.

Sled Cons

Sleds are a versatile and portable piece of equipment, however, they have a few cons. For one, it’s another piece of equipment you need to have access to, whether in your gym or at home. Secondly, each sled can be used only on specific kinds of flooring, whether that’s only on carpet, asphalt, turf, outdoor grass, or in special areas of your gym. Third, using a sled requires a certain amount of space you might not always have access to at your typical busy gym or in your own home.

Using the SOTB Instead

Today we’re going to show you how to use our Son of the Beast Pro to simulate sled walks for strength building and conditioning to get the same benefits of using a sled. There are a couple benefits to use the SOTB for this exercise. For starters, you can get the same kind of workout in a smaller space. Secondly, if you are going to buy one super functional, portable piece of equipment, the SOTB is a great choice – you can pack it into a duffle bag and use it anywhere. With the SOTB, there’s no need to worry about the kind of turf or flooring underfoot, or worry about waking the neighbors with the early morning scrape of your sled dragging down the street. It’s the perfect tool to work on your acceleration and deceleration while building strength and conditioning, in a small, portable footprint, and there’s no need to pile on additional weights if it’s not challenging enough – just clip on your second SOTB rope if you need extra resistance.


30 minute EMOM – Alternate 2 minutes forward walking with 2 minutes backward

Pro Tips & Setup

Son of the Beast Pro Kit – using the Power pull Belt & a single rope, waist high anchor point

  • Keep moving to keep your momentum going
  • Take small steps
  • Make sure to keep your shoulders and hips in alignment so that your core is engaged. If the resistance is too much, and you’re pulling more than you’re comfortable with, you can create a similar setup with a VITL kit and link/stack your Slastix to get the correct amount of resistance for your needs.

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