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Workout of the Week – Ep. 30

by | Jan 31, 2018 | Workout of the Week | 0 comments

We’re moving away from home and on-the-go workouts, but if you missed any check out last weeks workout. For everyone else we’re moving back into Son of the Beast workouts for a few weeks.

This week we’re testing if you’re a winner or a quitter. Check out our slam gauntlet workout to see if you have what it takes to finish or if you’ll crack under the slams.

The workout

This workout is meant to test your endurance. You’ll have five different sets of slams, each being 30 seconds of work and 15 seconds of rest. Go as hard as you can and hopefully you can finish all three rounds.

However, if you have shoulder issues at all, we recommend doing another workout.

Start using Stroops in your training


Kneeling Slams // 30 seconds

Position yourself in your training zone. Make sure you have some tension on your ropes and perform these slams on your knees, but be sure you aren’t sitting on your feet.

Sledgehammer Slams // 30 seconds

Set up in your training zone, facing your anchor point in an athletic stance. You’re going to slam the ropes as hard and fast as possible to each side.

Alternating Side Lunge with Slams // 30 seconds

Face toward your anchor point in your training zone. You’re going to maintain a double slam through the duration of this exercise. In a controlled manor, alternate side lunging on each leg while continuing those double slams.

Snowboard Slams // 30 seconds

Set up in your training zone, laterally towards your anchor point. You’re going to begin slamming the ropes, and after every three slams jump to change directions.

Alternating Slams // 30 seconds

Face towards your anchor point and step into your training zone. Be sure there is some tension on the ropes; you don’t want the ropes to get tangled. Then drop into an athletic stance and alternate slamming with each hand.

Were you a winner or a quitter? Let us know in the comments below!

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