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Workout of the Week – Episode 10

by | Sep 12, 2017 | Workout of the Week | 0 comments

This is a simple workout done with the Resistance 90. Go watch our first episode with the Resistance 90 if you missed it! Or click here to view all of the “Workout of the Week” Series.

The workout

This is a full body workout that can be done off of any door. It is made of up four effective movements that you’ll perform back to back, resting for one minute after the fourth movement. You will do this 4-6 times to complete the workout.

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Row to Squat // 15 seconds

Lat Pull Down // 15 seconds

Chest Press // 15 reps

Tricep Extension // 15 reps

Rest // 60 seconds


When anchoring to a door, it is best to lock it, so nobody opens in on you mid-workout! If you are working off a flimsy door, move the closer to the door hinges to get a more sturdy anchor point. Lastly, if you want to do this without anchoring to a door, you can use the cloth anchor to anchor around larger objects.

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