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Guide to Slastix Line of Pull

What is Line of pull?

When performing any exercise, the body must create force to move against resistance. The resistance could be gravity, free weights, or if you are training with Stroops, elastic resistance from Slastix. All resistance is directional and an associated “line of pull” that can be adjusted to adjust the load on the body. The line of pull of gravity is from top to bottom, pulling us down toward the ground. Free weights are pulled down by gravity and we position our bodies at different angles to change the line of pull on the musculoskeletal system. This way, we can target the desired muscle groups in a workout. Resistance band training with Slastix allows us to create lines of pull completely independent of gravity. There are two ways to create and adjust lines of pull with Stroops Slastix; anchor height and body position.

Anchor Height

The first step is to establish a line of pull by anchoring your Slastix. Check out options for anchoring outside, at home, or in your gym/facility. Once you have your Slastix anchored, you can now train against the elastic resistance. Using a high, medium, or low anchor height will change your line of pull and the exercises you can do. Changing anchor becomes easy if you are using a Stroops anchor.

Body Position

The other option you have for adjusting line of pull is changing your body position. This method is similar to the way we position our body at different angles to work with free weights. The difference is now the line of pull is not restricted to gravity and you can remain standing for a majority of exercises. Switching to new exercises is fast and every exercise requires core integration.

Learn More

Line of pull is one of the many concepts that make Stroops training highly effective. Stroops offers an in-depth live certification course for fitness professionals that teaches the science and application behind the Stroops training method. Click here learn more and become a Stroops certified trainer.


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