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Cardio With Resistance Bands: The Ultimate Workout

When athletes use resistance bands, it’s often in a way promoting muscle-building with the bands taking the place of weights. However, cardio with resistance bands is very much a possibility that expands the use of your bands while also providing a supercharged aerobic workout.

Stroops trainer Danielle doing Resistance 90 Moguls
Stroops trainer Danielle doing Resistance 90 Shuffle Slash

How Do Resistance Bands Help Cardio?

It’s not uncommon for athletes to up the intensity of their cardio workouts with other workout tools, often free weights or wearable weights. Resistance bands are a popular and versatile training device that provide variable resistance, different from the static resistance of conventional weights.

In a cardio workout, resistance bands can either support you or intensify the resistance on you during your training. In the case of the workout we’ll show you, it’s there to intensify the resistance. By intensifying the resistance of your exercise, you’ll burn more calories and enhance your muscle endurance. It’s an all-around more efficient way to burn fat.

The Ultimate Resistance Band Cardio Workout

Here is our favorite cardio workout with resistance bands that you can do in just 30 minutes. Some of the exercises may not seem like cardio, but you’ll definitely get your heart rate going once you’ve gotten started.

We’ll list the exercises, but you should follow the video with Stroops trainer Michelle Wojciechowski for the best guidance.

The Workout

Round 1 Exercise Circuit (2 Times Through):

1. Bicep Curl
2. Squat Press
3. Upright Row
4. Deadlift
5. Dead Row

Round 2 Exercise Circuit (2 Times Through):

1. Squat Jump Chest Press
2. Reverse Lunge Single Arm Pull (left then right arm)
3. Moguls
4. Lat Pull

Round 3 Exercise Circuit (2 Times Through):

1. Shuffle Slash (left then right side)
2. Glute Kickback (left then right leg)
3. Overhead Tricep Extension

The full length of this workout should be about 30 minutes with each round taking approximately 10 minutes to complete.

This workout follows a circuit-style structure similar to HIIT or crossfit training. The best formula is to perform each exercise for 40 seconds. Then, take a 20-second rest before beginning the next exercise. Increase your intensity with each consecutive set. Between each round, take roughly a 1-2 minute rest break.

Tips for an Effective Cardio-Resistance Band Workout:

1. Focus on Form: Maintain proper form during each exercise to maximize effectiveness and reduce the risk of injury. Pay attention to your posture, especially when performing compound movements.

2. Adjust Band Resistance: Experiment with different resistance levels for various exercises. A higher resistance for strength-focused moves and a lighter resistance for faster, more dynamic exercises can keep the workout challenging.

3. Stay Consistent with Timing: The 40 seconds of work and 20 seconds of rest create an optimal interval for both cardio and resistance training. Stick to the timing details to ensure the workout’s effectiveness. Do all you can to keep your rest breaks to the allotted time to keep your heart pumping.

4. Listen to Your Body: If an exercise feels too challenging or causes discomfort, modify the movement or choose a lighter resistance band. It’s crucial to challenge yourself without compromising safety.

Incorporating resistance bands into your cardio routine adds a dynamic element to your workouts. This 30-minute cardio-resistance band circuit not only enhances cardiovascular health but also strengthens and tones your muscles.

For more workouts and exercises with resistance bands, check out our free Training Room. As always, keep up with our blog for more posts each week.


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