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Avoiding Resistance Band Injuries

Resistance bands are an incredible way to workout. Whether it’s at-home or at the gym, it can improve strength throughout your whole body. The use of resistance bands for exercise has increased over the years in both fitness centers and homes across the country. They are effective, inexpensive and easy to use and can build strength in every part of your body. Much like any piece of fitness equipment, resistance bands can be hazardous when not used properly.

Avoiding Resistance Band Injuries

Two main dangers that are involved with resistance band training are the band breaking or accidentally letting go of an end. Both result in the end of the band to snap toward the user, which can cause serious damage.

With resistance bands, you also have to be aware of the safety you can control. Focusing on your form and planting your feet effectively on the ground can dramatically change your workout. If a position doesn’t feel right, look online to see if your form is correct and if you are moving in the right directions. Also, make sure the band is in the center of your hand while you’re exercising so the band doesn’t slip and recoil while you’re in the middle of your workout.

Safety Tips for Resistance Bands

One thing most people don’t think about is monitoring your band. There are spots in the band that experiences more friction, making them weaker in those areas. Always check the condition of your band before working out.

Besides making sure your resistance band is ready-to-go, follow these extra safety steps for a great workout.

– Do not place the resistance band handles over your feet. They can easily slip off and strike the user
– Avoid jerking the band
– Do not stretch a band over 2 ½ times their length
– Begin all exercises slowly to ensure band strength
– Do not release a resistance band while under tension
– Never exercise with resistance bands on uneven surfaces
– Resistance bands should only be used for the specific exercises they were designed for and not as toys
– Avoid placing bands in hot areas or in direct sunlight

Purchasing a resistance band with a cover is one of the easiest ways to avoid injuries. Stroops has one of the safest designs, which covers every band, including bands with bars much like the Resistance90 System. Our focus is on providing you an excellent workout with quality equipment that you feel safe using.