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Speed Training with Resistance Bands

by | Aug 7, 2019 | Optimize Weekly

Speed training with resistance bands is one of the most effective ways to faster. A common misconception is that if you do more sprints, you will get faster. You might get minor increases in speed, your body needs to be introduced to an external stimulus to increase strength, acceleration, explosiveness, and ultimately speed. We break down some of the best speed training techniques you can do with the Son of the Beast Pro.


A key component to speed is acceleration. An athlete’s top speed matters, but how long it takes that athlete to reach top speed is equally important. Speed training with resistance bands will help improve acceleration by way of progressive resistance. Unlike doing sprints with a sled, where the resistance is a set amount, the resistance in a resistance band sprint will get harder as the band is stretched farther. This progressive resistance forces the recruitment of more muscle fibers and harder contractions in order to reach the end of the sprint. The athlete is forced to accelerate in order to keep moving forward. Additionally, banded sprints apply resistance to running to have a direct training effect for that movement where things like barbell exercises don’t have as much carryover.

Post-Activation Potentiation

This method is going to involve “tricking” your central nervous system (CNS) into firing faster so you can run faster. Step one is to perform 2-3 banded sprints as discussed in the method above. Next, you will get out of the Son of the Beast Pro belt and perform sprints without any resistance. You should feel lighter and more explosive. This happens because you first applied a heavy resistance to your sprints and your CNS was at a level to complete that task. When the resistance band was removed, your CNS was still primed to produce an energy output much higher than that of your body weight. So you end up feeling lighter and can sprint faster than you would have otherwise.

Overspeed Training

The last technique you should be utilizing in your speed training is overspeed training. In this method, you will be running toward resistance instead of against it. You can set this up by linking two Son of the Beast Pro ropes together to give you more running distance. With a partner holding one end, back up to the full stretch of the ropes and then sprint in the direction of the resistance. The resistance band is going to pull you into a much faster sprint than what you could normally attain on your own. The benefit of performing your sprints in this fashion is it that you are training that motor pattern at a much faster speed and essentially introducing a new speed to your CNS.


With all resistance band training, there are inherent risks. Stroops encases its resistance band in a sleeve that protects you from snaps and overstretching. When speed training with Stroops be sure to set up proper training zones to keep you and your athletes safe. Give these speed training techniques a try!

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