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Rotational Training

by | Apr 24, 2019 | Optimize Weekly, Uncategorized

Benefits of Rotational Training

Most exercise programs are mostly made up of movements in the sagittal and frontal planes. These planes are great for getting strong and building muscle, but our joints don’t just move in one direction. The transverse plane deals with twisting and rotating the body and is where athletic and fluid human movements happen. Training rotational movements connect and unify the body, forcing mind-muscle communication to accomplish complex tasks. Failure to include rotational training in an exercise routine can lead to energy leaks in the muscular system when a rotational movement is required in life or in sport. Rotational training allows us to keep joints healthy and express our full movement potential.

Fit Stik Pro

The Stroops Fit Stik Pro is a functional training bar that is great for rotational movements. Slastix resistance bands can be attached to both sides or one side to change the load from symmetrical to asymmetrical. The Fit Stik Pro allows for smooth uninhibited movement and is our go-to tool for rotational training. You can add rotational movement in as a warm-up, accessory, or full workout. Give the exercises below a try in your next workout.

Rotational Exercises

  • Slap Shot
  • Hip Opener
  • Open Lacrosse Shot
  • Torso Twist

Start using Stroops in your training

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