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Partner Resistance Band Exercises

by | Feb 13, 2019 | Optimize Weekly

Ever feel unmotivated, like pushing yourself to get a good workout seems impossible? Why not grab a partner and try out our favorite partner exercise moves with the Toner. You may be asking why you would ever use a Toner to workout with a friend, well simply why not? Grab a Toner and join in with friend for these partner resistance band exercises!


If you have ever worked out in a group setting or with a friend you realize having someone else going through the same experience can really help motivate you. We love these moves because you can do them on your own, or grab a friend to workout with.


We love partner moves because of the accountability. When you have someone facing you, and especially going through the same moves, it helps to keep you going. Knowing you are not the only one suffering is really beneficial. All of us have worked out and experienced that painful regret of the final rep, but during those moments your mind wants to quit you have a friend telling you to keep going. There’s something about a shared brutality that brings people together. It may seem awful in the moment, but you both walk away closer because of it.


Maybe the best reason to use a Toner is the versatility of them. They are just a spin off of a classic resistance band, but with so much potential. The Toner can go anywhere, without the need for extra anchoring equipment or attachments. So if you’re out on the road or just sitting in your living room you can use a Toner. But if you want to get creative, grab a friend and think of your own moves to do these resistance band partner exercises.




The moves above do not make up a typical workout, so if there’s any questions please watch the video to see how they are performed. But feel free to create something new. Experiment with what seems fun, provides a challenge and just creates the best experience for you and a friend. These moves may also be transferrable with the VITL Kit, but if you just have Toner, try these out, make something new, but most of all have fun.


If you’re curious why our bands have sleeves, check out this article Why Sleeved Resistance Bands

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