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Overspeed Training

by | Mar 23, 2018 | Performance | 0 comments

We’re capping off Performance month with a move to increase yours or your clients overall speed and stride length. So find a large space and get ready to run!

All you’ll need for this is a wide open space, two people, two Universal Swivel Belts and a long Slastix (we’re using the 20′ Slastix).

The Move

To start, make sure you and your client are set up in the Universal Swivel Belt and facing each other. Then have your client move backwards until the 20′ Slastix is almost maxed out. When you’re ready start backpedaling as fast as you can, allowing your client to really drive forward and increase their stride length.

Pro Tip: As your client catches up to you the Slastix will lose tension and drop to the ground, so be aware so they don’t trip towards the end.


If you missed any of the previous Performance moves from this month be sure to check those out as well! Be sure to let us know what you thought of this move by leaving a comment below.

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