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Our Best Moves for Glutes

by | Mar 27, 2019 | Optimize Weekly

Boost your Glutes with a Loop

Use a circular resistance band to do a quick warm up to get the most out of your other workouts.


Resistance bands are a convenient, portable, and lightweight addition to a workout routine and your glutes are a crucial muscle powerhouse for support and mobility. We’ve compiled some resistance band exercises to help you target, activate and warm up your glutes. Today we’re utilizing our Deluxe Loop, which has padded sections and non-slip straps to help you secure your band in place during your workout or warmup.

The workout

First, pick a comfortable resistance for your exercise. For advice on how to pick the right resistance, check out our guide here. All the exercises shown today are utilizing our Light resistance. Use the buckled straps on the Deluxe Loop to adjust the straps to help secure the band in place while you do these moves.


Lateral Walks

Set up for the lateral walks with the Deluxe Loop just above the knees, buckling the straps around your legs, adjusting them to your comfort. Making sure to hold your knees apart, working against the resistance band, take steps side to side. Try to move smoothly and deliberately, without bobbing up and down, and avoid collapsing your chest forward.



For the next exercise, set up for your clamshell, lying on one side. Make sure to stack your hips and knees, keeping your feet and heels together, opening your knees to target your medial glute.


Standing Glute Kickbacks

Place the Deluxe Loop around your just above the ankle joint, tightening the straps to secure in place. While balancing on one leg, perform the kick back with your opposite leg, taking care to keep your core engaged and making sure you’re not arching your back. Remember that you’re trying to activate your glutes, doing slow and controlled motions. You’re not trying to get the highest kick, since a smaller range of movement is perfect here to protect your lower back.


Donkey Kicks

Place the band just above your knees, arranging the straps to hold it into place. Start in tabletop with your arms under your shoulders and your knees under your hips. With knee bent, and foot flexed, lift leg towards the ceiling. Take care to brace the core, don’t collapse into the shoulders or let the stomach slouch downward, making sure the glutes are doing the work. Repeat for your chosen number of reps and then switch legs.


Glute Bridges

Set up on the floor with knees bent, placing the band just above your knees. With your arms flat on the ground, place your feet just out of reach of your fingertips. Align your legs with your shoulders, and work to maintain the resistance of the band to prevent your knees from falling in towards each other. Keeping your abs engaged, press up into a bridge, squeezing your glutes at the top. Return to the ground for one rep.

To Wrap Up

We hope you enjoyed these movements utilizing the Deluxe Loop. All of these movements provide a double whammy of support and stability as you warm up or do your workout, and should ensure power or mobility in your following movements.

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