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Every Minute on the Minute

by | May 11, 2018 | Conditioning | 0 comments

For this week’s conditioning we’re using the Son of the Beast for a complex move. You’re going to need something to anchor the ropes to that won’t move. This will really work to get yours or your clients heart rate up and just light up your entire body.

The Move

Have your client loop their hands through the Son of the Beast ropes so they are secure. The moves include five Burpees, Back Pedal, and five Slams.
When performing Burpees make sure your client’s hands stay to their side and the is no tension on the ropes.
Have your client back pedal to the end of their designated training zone. Make sure not to max out the ropes.
At the end of the slams, whatever time remains in the minute let your client rest, and then go again.

Make your client do this for 10 rounds. As the rounds progress the rest time will probably diminish for every minute.

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