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Beast Slam Variations

by | Apr 10, 2019 | Uncategorized

Battle Rope Slam Variations

If you’re already a fan of battle ropes or our versatile elastic version, The Son of the Beast, you might have gotten bored just doing regular slams with your ropes. Here’s a few new moves for you to spice up your workout and add some variety to your training with these killer tools, so make sure you have a secure anchor, grab your ropes, and let’s get after it!

Today’s Slam Lineup

All of these variations are going to offer different full body or focused challenges.

Snowboard Slam – Start with your side towards your anchor point, execute three quick slams, then hop face your opposite side to the anchor point.

Shuffle – Facing your anchor point, you’re going to explosively slam the battle ropes while doing lateral shuffles side to side.

Seated – From a seated position, slam. This allows you to focus your energy on the full range of your arms and slam the full power and force into the movement.

Lunge – Add a full body balance challenge to your slams. While executing a lunge on alternating legs, perform your alternating slams. If that requires too much coordination or is too much of a challenge, set up in a static lunge, facing towards your anchor point and begin your slams. Do for time or number of reps and then make sure to switch to the other leg.

Russian Twist Slam – While sitting with knees bent and heels on the ground, slam your ropes along one side of your body. Rotate your twist and slam alongside the opposite side of your body.

Now go slam your workout!

We hope that you enjoy mixing in these slams to your workout to target new areas of your arms, burn out your workout or add some variety to your training.

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