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Battle Ropes vs Stroops Beast Ropes

by | Dec 19, 2018 | Uncategorized

Pros and Cons of Battle Ropes

Battle ropes are a commonly used functional training tool. You can do a variety of waves and slams that can increase your power, speed, and conditioning. Battle ropes are a great fitness tool because they deliver a great workout that anyone can do. Although there are many benefits of having battle ropes in your gym or using them with clients, there are major drawbacks as well.
Battle ropes can only be used for battle rope stuff. Aside from waves and slams, they aren’t good for much else. They are heavy and can be a chore to move around, especially for trainers doing outdoor boot camps. Lastly, battle ropes by themselves don’t offer enough to be a complete solution for training clients. They are great to add on as a finisher, but other types of training will need to be added to form a complete workout program for yourself or clients.

Stroops Beast Resistance Ropes

Stroops battle rope training to the next level. Stroops designed a hybrid battle rope that can be used for more than just battle rope training. The Stroops Son of the Beast is a pair of 10-foot long resistance ropes – battle ropes with elastic resistance built in! Because the resistance ropes are made of resistance band tubing, the ropes are very lightweight. The workout and exercises you do with the Stroops Son of the Beast are not based on the weight of the ropes, but instead, the workout comes from the tension that is placed on the elastic bands inside by the user. Once you anchor the Son of the Beast, grab the handles and back away from the anchor to put tension on the resistance ropes. This causes the person exercising to use their entire body during each excise because the resistance ropes are trying to pull them over. The workout is now a full body workout compared to gravity dependant battle ropes that require much less core and lower body strength.

Stroops Son of the Beast resistance ropes can be used to do battle rope style training and also comes with a waist belt that can be clipped onto one or two of the resistance ropes to do exercises like sprinting, broad jumps, and bear crawls, all against resistance. Once you are done with the belted exercises, you can use the loop handles at the end of each rope to perform compound movements like rowing, pressing, and curling.

Upgrade Your Battle Rope

The Stroops Son of the Beast resistance ropes are an innovation in battle rope and resistance band training. The 3-in-1 kit gives the option of battle rope exercises, resistance belt exercises, and compound movements using the handles. Stroops resistance ropes are a great multipurpose functional training tool for group fitness, small group training or sports training. It is time to throw out the old battle rope and upgrade to some resistance ropes!

Start using Stroops in your training

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