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Banded Deadlift for Glute Activation

by | Dec 12, 2018 | Optimize Weekly

Today we’re going to add a waist belt and Slastix to our deadlift to add a bonus strength challenge to the “lockout” portion of the deadlift and target your gluteal muscles.


A stronger deadlift will help everyone from your run-of-the-mill gym bro, anybody looking for some sweet booty gainz, or a trainer looking to challenge a client. Just make sure that you or your client are confident in their deadlifting form.


Using a resistance band allows you to target specific muscles and gain strength during your deadlift. Better activation of the three muscles that make up the glutes will improve other areas of your training, including many explosive movements. The glutes are some of the biggest muscles in the body, and having a strong posterior chain can improve your athletic speed and agility. Using a Slastix at the top of your deadlift forces you to actively work against the resistance to come to the full range of motion and in turn get stronger. As a bonus, having a strong posterior chain can lessen lower back pain and knee problems, (setting aside aesthetic concerns!)


For this banded glute deadlift, you’ll need some of the components from your VITL kit. Attach the ends of your Slastix to your cloth anchor and your swivel belt, making sure your anchor is attached to something sturdy at waistline height. (It’s your choice on how many Slastix to attach — your kit comes with 4 Medium Slastix. For tips, reference How to Pick Your Resistance for help picking the right resistance and know that it’s easy to add or subtract resistance by stacking or removing bands) Fasten the belt near the hinge crease of your hip flexors to make sure you’re targeting your glutes as you come out of the deadlift and straighten up.


This is the perfect move to add to your routine to warm up your glutes for activation, or as an accessory exercise for a glute-focused workout day. We hope it helps you to get the gains you’re after (either in the gym or in your backside!)

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