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Assisted Pull Ups

by | Mar 20, 2019 | Optimize Weekly

Assisted Pull Ups

The pull up is one of the best strength building exercises you can do almost anywhere. Although it is also highly regarded as one of the most difficult bodyweight movements. So for anyone looking to improve their strength, pull ups are a great way to build up overall musculature. But if you are someone who struggles with pull ups, there are various ways to lighten the load by lessening the amount of bodyweight you are physically lifting off the ground.

The Setup

There are various ways to setup for an assisted pull up, but the easiest way is to use components from the VITL Kit. Inside your VITL Kit comes four Slastix and two cloth anchors. Using the cloth anchor, wrap around the top of a squat rack, or anything sturdy. Make sure it’s secure and won’t come undone, and then clip both ends of your Slastix to the ring of your cloth anchor. If you’re using the VITL Kit, your lessened resistance will start at 20, but you can always go up in resistance.


The idea of adding resistance allows your to remove weight from your own body so it becomes easier to actually perform a pull up. As you progress and get stronger, slowly lessen the amount of resistance until you are able to perform a full set of body weight pull ups.

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