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Scapula Protraction & Retraction

by | Apr 6, 2018 | Mobility | 0 comments

If you or your client are looking to create good shoulder health, try out this move for improved protraction and retraction of the scapula.

To setup this move we are stacking two Slastix to each Contour Handle. (Stacking is when you clip two Slastix on top of each other.) You’re going to need something sturdy to anchor your Slastix to, and you’ll want them at chest level.

The Move //

Have your client face away from the anchor point and press their arms forward. This move focuses on the Serratus Anterior throughout the movement.

Pro Tip: Make sure your client doesn’t shrug throughout the move.

// If you don’t have any Slastix you may also perform a Scapula Push-Up. You’re going to want the Scapula flat against the back instead of winging, and then have your client move in a upward and downward motion to engage that Serratus Anterior.

Perform this about 10-15 times.

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