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Resisted Push-Ups for Strength

by | Feb 20, 2019 | Optimize Weekly

Adding Resistance to a Push-Up

There are several benefits to trying a push-up with a band to add resistance. First, one of the ‘problems’ of a typical push-up is that there’s not an inherent way to add a progressive load to the movement, and a resistance band is an easy way to do that. Secondly, if you want to boost your bench press, a fun way to train is to actually try a different exercise – a resisted push-up. Additionally, if you’re short on space, equipment, or time to get to the gym, combining a resistance band like our Toner with your push-up is a great way to mimic the movement of a bench press in an inexpensive, portable way.

How To

Set up like you would for a regular push-up, in a strong plank position, with your shoulders stabilized over your wrists and your core tight. Run the Toner around your back, and place your hands over the band. Adjust the length of the band so you have to fight the resistance at the top of the push-up, but not limiting full range of the movement. 

If you need more resistance, either increase the weight of the Toner or choke up higher on the band. For anyone who is having trouble performing a push-up, either use a lighter resistance or your own bodyweight.

Enjoy the Additional Challenge

Using a resistance band is an easy way to increase the challenge of a push-up. We hope that this quick adjustment to your push-up adds a little something extra to your chest day or will help you get those gains.

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