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Resistance 90: The Swiss Army Knife of Resistance Bands

by | Jul 31, 2019 | Optimize Weekly, Uncategorized

Meet the Resistance 90

Today we’re excited to talk to you about one of our favorite versatile training tools here at Stroops HQ. We’ve mentioned it before in passing, like in this article about our home gym essentials, but today we’re going to do a deeper dive and get into the nitty gritty of this particular kit.

The Resistance 90 takes a regular resistance band and bumps it up a notch. First of all, the Resistance 90 comes as a kit, containing a collapsible plastic bar, the Resistance 90 two-handled Slastix band, and a door anchor. Using these various components to mix and match gives you varied options for training and workouts whether you’re home or on the go. To put the Slastix on the bar, you’re going to unscrew the ends, and then slide the handle ends into the slots on the end of the bar before re-screwing the end caps back on. To assemble the bar, you’re going to slide the metal tabs into the notches and then twist to secure; to collapse the bar you’ll push slightly into the center joint, twist it backwards, then pull apart. There’s a flat fabric section in the center of the band, where you can stand to perform exercises, use as an anchor to wrap around objects or to attach your door anchor. This makes this kit ultra-portable, easy to stash in a suitcase or stow out of the way at home, and super versatile. 

The Moves

With the bar on, you’re ready to do a variety of barbell moves, like squats or deadlifts. With the bar off, you’re ready for single arm movements like bicep curls. You can also slide the fabric center portion underneath a Bosu ball and use the Resistance 90 band and Bosu together! 

Here’s some of the moves Caysem mentioned here today, to get you started making the most of the versatility of the Resistance 90.




Bicep Curls

Torso Twist


Back Fly

We hope you love this product the way we do and it provides you a variety of workout options and moves to take with you on the go. We’re proud of this product and the versatility it offers you, whether you want to work out at home or on the road.

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