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Outdoor Anchoring with Stroops

by | Nov 21, 2018 | Optimize Weekly

Stroops believes in optimizing movement for everyone everywhere. Part of this means being able to take your workout wherever you go, including the outdoors. But how are you supposed to anchor outside?

Double your anchor size.

Inside your VITL Kit are two cloth anchors, and two XL anchors for the Son of the Beast Pro. In many scenarios the XL anchor should be able to wrap around posts or trees. But VITL Kit includes two smaller cloth anchors, so anchoring around a tree may seem almost impossible. We promise it’s not.

One of the benefits of having two cloth anchors is being able to double their size. To do so, take both anchors, feed one anchor through the D ring of the other. Then take the threaded anchor in each hand and feed the D ring you’re holding through the other end and pull it tight. If done correctly you will have an anchor doubled in size with a D ring on one side and a cloth loop on the other.

If this does not make sense and you need to see a visual example, be sure to watch the video above.

Now with a larger anchor, you have more spaces to workout or train your clients in. But what if you’re looking to use something besides a tree or post? How does the anchor work?

Use your surroundings.

The most important rule for anchoring is to make sure you use something sturdy. In this week’s episode we used a fence surrounding an outdoor tennis court, picnic table and trailer hitch on a car. For any of these examples, the anchor point should be sturdy enough to perform any movement you desire.

One of our favorite examples, is the outdoor tennis court. If you’ve ever been to park with a tennis court you know the fence surrounding would not require an anchor, instead you can just clip your Slastix directly to the fence. Also because of the taller height you may even clip for higher anchor points, and if you are running a class our bootcamp there is enough space to have a larger class train at the same time.

As long as you choose a sturdy place to anchor, the possibilities for using Stroops outdoors is endless. With the pro tip of how to double the size of your cloth anchor, you should have no problems finding places to workout. So take these tips and head outside. Happy training!

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