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Don’t Max Out

by | Mar 6, 2019 | Optimize Weekly


Any of Stroops products featuring the Slastix technology, the sleeved elastic has a max out. Meaning there is a max stretch potential on the sleeve. Maxing out your sleeve means your sleeve has no more slack in it. The fabric is tight and has no more give to your movements, preventing your from performing an exercise through its full motion.


Resistance bands are designed to stretch, but anyone who has used a resistance band knows there is no stopping point. You can keep stretching the band until it snaps. Slastix are built so the sleeve stops stretching before your band does. This is to prevent over stretching the band inside and increase the lifespan of your products.

With naked tubing, frequently used bands will lose their stretch potential, causing the actual elastic to lose their original strength when purchased. While Slastix are encased in a sleeve, making sure the band maintains their strength.


To help prevent wear and tear and on your products, Stroops has created a recommended training zone so each user knows how to safely use products and maintain them for years. If you need help setting up your training zones, please refer to the video, you will be given clear instructions on how to set up the safety, training and danger zones.


One key staple to Stroops training is staying out of the danger zone. The danger zone is also the same moment when you will max out your sleeve. If you’re constantly taking the sleeve to the end of its stretch potential you will drastically shorten the lifespan of your band, creating it to loose strength or snap.

As long as you stay within your training zone, and are not maxing out the sleeve while using Slastix, your Stroops products should maintain a longer lifespan and keep their stretch for years.

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