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Workout of the Week – Ep. 12

by | Sep 27, 2017 | Workout of the Week | 0 comments

In this episode of Stroops Workout of the Week, we use the Resistance 90 to get a full body workout. Go watch last weeks episode if you missed it. The only thing you need for this workout is a Resistance 90, no anchor needed.

The workout

Simple and efficient. That is the essence of this weeks workout. The goal is to strengthen and tone your muscles. You will perform the exercise below for 4-6 rounds, resting 1 minute between rounds. Get quality reps during each exercise, this is not a race. Enjoy!

SALE // Resistance 90


Squat to Press // 15 reps

Upright Row // 15 reps

Overhead Tricep Extension // 15 reps

Glute Kick Back // 10 reps per leg

//This is Training at the Speed of Life.

The Resistance 90 is the ultimate tool for fitness on the go. It has been a staple in the fitness routines of traveling professionals, busy college students, and home workout enthusiasts. We hope you enjoyed this workout! Give the workout a try, leave us a comment below and tell us what you think!

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